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Our Bookkeeping Service is highly professional and serviced by experienced staff offering differing levels of support for all types of businesses, from sole traders to busy companies. This service is available at terms on a monthly fee basis, guaranteed to provide our clients with a virtual accounts department, thus ensuring that at all times your finances are fully up to date.


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Hassle-free payslips and reports from your payroll and employee data

All employees like to rest assured that they are being paid correctly, so payroll errors can therefore be costly, and a cause for anxiety or distress among employees, so we are able to offer a full and complete payroll service, thus removing the stress and responsibility from you as the Employer, and also freeing you from the time taken to rectify any problems.

NB Bookkeeping calculate on a monthly or weekly basis, all net pay, sick pay, maternity pay, and holiday pay, and provide payslips for all employees. Forms P45, P60 and other administrative functions are all taken care of.

Our range of payroll management services take the stress out of administering your employees’ wages, tax and benefits. The flexible and bespoke nature of the services we provide give you all the benefits of your own payroll department, but are often more cost effective per employee than in-house solutions.

What we offer
  • Payroll data processing
  • RTI submissions to HMRC
  • Auto-enrolment reporting and guidance
  • Printed or electronic payslips and reports

Payroll data submission

Submit your data anyway you wish. Either by emailing us your Excel-based payroll input or by faxing or posting a form-based payroll input.

Payroll information supplied to you

From your supplied information we will create everything your business needs to effectively manage payroll, including:

  • Current and year-to-date payroll information
  • Summary details of RTI, PAYE, SSP, SMP, NIC and any other data required
  • Electronic or laser-printed payslips
  • Printed P45s for departing employees

VAT Administration

We provide a range of VAT services to make sure you stay on the right side of the tax man. This includes helping you VAT register with HMRC and submitting mandatory VAT returns each VAT period.

VAT Returns

HMRC requires VAT returns to provide a summary of all the transactions your business made in the last VAT period to calculate your tax liability. The difference between the VAT you charged customers and the VAT you paid for business purchases determines whether you need to pay HMRC money or are due a refund.

You can reclaim the difference if you have paid more VAT than you have received. But in the event that you have taken in more VAT than you have paid, you must pay the difference to HMRC.

Late VAT returns, those containing deliberate or careless inaccuracies, or failure to pay the correct VAT duty, can result in costly penalties from HMRC. We help you ensure this does not happen by preparing and submitting your VAT returns on your behalf; just send us a record of your sales and purchases for the previous VAT period.

The VAT return services we provide include:

  • Account set up for online submissions
  • Ensuring an accurate and timely VAT return
  • Either submitting your VAT return as your agent or giving you the information to submit your own return

VAT Administration

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Credit Control

Credit Control

NB Bookkeeping Hampshire

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

In April 2007 the above Construction Industry Scheme came into being. Since the introduction of CIS all contractors & subcontractors have needed to register with HRMC.

NB Bookkeeping are here to help you through this new legislation with all its’ implications, with Convenience, Security and Speed being the main benefits.

For further detailed information on the [CIS] Construction Industry Scheme please visit the Department’s site -

Construction Industry Scheme

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